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Before a Diagnosis

Before a Diagnosis

Talking about your experience with a professional or with others who are dealing with the same issues can be a real help before a diagnosis is made. It can be a confusing and difficult time, but there are others going through similar experiences to you, and there are healthcare professionals who can help you to understand the process and answer any questions you may have.

It can be stressful or uncomfortable to keep visiting your doctor with unexplained symptoms and you may even feel like you are wasting their time, however just because your symptoms are not yet labelled doesnt make them less real or less frightening and you are still entitled to help and support during this time.

Many people will still continue working whilst experiencing unexplained and worrying symptoms. This may have an impact on your working life, whether it's a problem managing your workload or having time off for medical procedures and tests. It is important to remember that your symptoms and the imact this has on your health are just as real with or without and a diagnosis, and you may be entitled to some help or benefits to help you through this time financially. You can find out more about this from the benefits calculator.