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Will I be cured this time next year?

If you or a friend suffers from MS you will have been delighted with an article in the news a couple of weeks ago, about the amazing story of the wheelchair bound young woman who had chosen to undergo pioneering stem cell therapy and can now not only walk but dance and run too, amazing stuff!


Exercising with the MonSter

As most of you know I was a fitness instructor for 21 years until MS had other ideas and I had to make the decision to give up. I am still involved in a class for people with chronic conditions and I often get asked there and on twitter what type of exercise should I do when I have MS?

My Once a year day!

Today was my neurologist appointment, which like most MSers in the UK is a once a year visit.

So I went armed with my usual list of questions ready to bombard the poor woman with “is this normal?” for all my weird MS symptoms.....

Could this drug be the answer to Multiple Sclerosis

The journal "Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology" have published a new study that has shown that researchers were able to find a way to reduce nerve cell damage and possibly reversing the effects of Multiple Sclerosis to the body

Pseudobulbar Affect and Multiple Sclerosis

Imagine breaking out into uncontrollable laughter or crying bouts for no apparent reason and in inappropriate settings. For about 10 percent of individuals who live with multiple sclerosis, this possibility is all too familiar.

How Yoga Helps Multiple Sclerosis

The ancient practice can ease many of the physical symptoms of MS and improve your emotional outlook through breathing and stretching exercises.

Stem cell treatment improves disability in 50% of MS patients in two years

The results of a new clinical trial for multiple sclerosis (MS) are in - a stem cell treatment that rebuilds the patients’ immune system has seen disabilities improved in half of them, over the course of just two years.

10 Warning Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis will tend to show itself in the body between the ages of 20-40 and the signs and symptoms of the disease will often come and go. They can linger or go away quickly. The symptoms of the disease can appear to be getting better only to return again another time.

Trial of experimental therapy MIS416 underway for secondary progressive MS

A phase IIB trial of a new experimental medication, known as MIS416, for secondary progressive MS is now up and running in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, with a number of other sites around Australia to follow shortly.

Independent Review recommends changes to PIP

The first official independent review of the troubled disability benefit, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), has been released. In the review, commissioned by the Government