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About Us

About Us is an information site not only about fundraising events but also about MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in general. I know there are plenty of amazing sites out there that cover topics such as symptoms, drugs and help available, but here I want to include more practical things, like Events  that are happening both locally and across the country that maybe of interest to anyone who maybe feeling either isolated or just wants to get out there and meet other sufferers.

Bev Wright

Bev Wright

I qualified as a fitness instructor in 1992 and spent the next 20 years doing what I loved the most which was teaching a variety of classes, anything from step, to Bodypump to Zumba.

Then late 2011 I noticed a weakness in my left arm, I was finding difficulty carrying bags, lifting things even bringing a fork to my mouth was causing problems. So I did what every self respecting fitness instructor does and booked some physio sessions. The physio had difficulty diagnosing the problem but in the end came to the conclusion I had torn a muscle in my shoulder and off I went with some rehab exercises happy!

But during 2012 I noticed my left leg would become heavy if I tried to walk quickly and that my foot would “slap” on the floor as if I had no control. Once again I found myself at the physio who said that it seemed like I had a hip impingement which was caused through years of wear and tear.

It wasn’t until I went numb on the left side of my trunk that I went to see the GP, who sent me for an MRI and within 2 weeks (14th February 2013) I was sat with a consultant hearing the words “you have Multiple Sclerosis”.

The next few weeks I know I was a complete nightmare. First of all I didn’t understand the condition, then I couldn’t understand how or why I’d got who had kept fit and eaten healthy all my adult life, I thought it was something I’d done.

It took me a few months to calm down, every day I expected to wake up with another symptom but as time passed I began to accept the diagnosis.

Since that day I have met so many amazing people through having this condition, and the support from my friends has been amazing! Plus with the help of one of those friends I am back in the fitness saddle and have set up a pilates/yoga class specifically for people with chronic conditions, not just MS but for anyone who wouldn’t normally attend a group exercise class and I love it!!

Things no longer seem all doom and gloom, I realise now that my ignorance of MS really was a big problem so I am now trying to help raise awareness of the condition with charity events and speaking on local radio.