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MS Fundraising

Welcome to MS Fundraising Login is an information site not only about fundraising events but also about MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in general. I know there are plenty of amazing sites out there that cover topics such as symptoms, drugs and help available, but here I want to include more practical things, like events that are happening both locally and across the country that maybe of interest to anyone who maybe feeling either isolated or just wants to get out there and meet other sufferers. For more information on our history visit the About Us page.

To find out more about Multiple Sclerosis, visit the What is MS? page.

I hope you find this site useful.

Many Thanks,


Our MS T-shirt and clothing store is now open, we are constantly adding some Multiple Sclerosis T-shirt designs, please let us know if you would like us to add any specific MS T-shirts of your own.


ICE Ball 2016 A Great Success

The third ICE Ball was held on 7th May 2016 at the Craiglands Hotel Ilkey and was another highly successful event. It was attended by 226 people and we raised a whopping £9000.

The story of the ICE Ball

People often ask me what the ICE Ball is all about and what is the story behind it.

Well it is a very simple really.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which came as a huge shock 1) I was nearly 50 and most people are diagnosed earlier in the lives and 2) i had been a fitness instructor for over 20 years so thought I was fit and healthy.

I am a tough old bird but....

Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I have occupied my time by trying to raise funds and awareness of this and other neurological conditions (Dad had Alzheimer’s and died the year of my diagnosis).

This has led me to not only be very busy (well the way I see it you can’t go from teaching Bootcamps to doing absolutely nothing it would drive me mad) but has made me realise just how little most people know about these often invisible conditions.